·  The Beatles Unseen Archives: by Tim / Clayton, Marie Hill 
·  Beatles: Help! by Emilio Lari
·  Photograph by Ringo Starr
·  The Beatles: The Days of their Lives by Richard Havers
·  Yesterday: The "Beatles" Once Upon a Time by Astrid Kirchherr & Max Scheler
·  The Beatles: 10 Years That Shook the World by Paul Trynka  (a combination of the best bits of the Mojo magazine Beatles Specials - so not just pics)
·  Postcards from the Boys by Ringo Starr
·  Harry Benson: The Beatles by Harry Benson
·  "Beatles" 64: A Hard Day's Night in America by A.J.S. Rayl & Curt Gunther
·  Mania Days, The Beatles 1964 US Tour by Curt Gunther
·  Now These Days Are Gone 'Help!' The Beatles Photography by Michael Peto  (a volume of nearly 300 rare rediscovered photographs)
·  A Day In The Life Photographs of The Beatles by Michael Ward (captures 24 hours with The Beatles on February 19, 1963 – a day of singular historical importance.)
·  The Beatles by Norman Parkinson (With The Beatles Sessions - Abbey Rd September 12, 1963

First Hand Accounts:
These books vary in quality but are important for their first hand perspective.