Monday 13 June 2016

The Beatles in Richard Lester's a Hard Day's Night : A Complete Pictorial Record of the Movie by J. Philip Di Franco

The book contains the script of "A Hard Day's Night", over 1200 still shots from the movie, an extended interview between director Richard Lester and the book's editor, J. Philip Di Franco, an introduction from producer Walter Shenson, and both the original 'Village Voice' review and a separate introduction to the book by film critic Andrew Sarris. The back cover of the book even reproduces the 'New York Times' review by Bosley Crowther.

The twist in the book script is that it reproduces the original screenplay by Alun Owen, and thus includes material that was cut during the making of the movie, as well as including newer material added in the course of shooting the film. Various [bracketed] and (parenthetical) sections distinguish between [the original material that got jettisoned] and (the later additions). For the scholarly-minded Beatles fan, it makes for an interesting comparison to see the script and to compare it with the finished film.

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