Friday 17 June 2016

"Beatles" Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments from Stage to Studio by Andy Babiuk

This landmark book details exactly which guitars, drums, amplifiers and keyboards The Beatles used at the key points of their relatively brief but entirely revolutionary career - from the formation of the Quarry Men in the 1950s to the dissolution of The Beatles in 1970. It provides a fascinating fresh insight into Beatles history from an entirely new viewpoint, and many myths are exploded along the way and dozens of stories told for the first time.

Lewisohn's 'Sessions' gave us a great insight into the Beatles recording history, but too much was left unanswered. Not any longer because Andy Babiuk's book does much to fill in the gaps. Here is the definitive guide to how the Beatles got their sound. All the instruments used, some dating back to the mid fifties, have been tracked down & photographed with relevant details given. The photographs are perfect eye candy for anyone who loves old music gear and the text is well written with attention to detail. This is a superb book and essential reading for anyone who takes the Beatles music seriously.

Highly recommended is the updated 2016 Ultimate edition which is double the size at 512 pages!


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