Thursday 16 June 2016

The Beatles Unseen Archives: by Tim / Clayton, Marie Hill

This comprehensive 448-page* book about the world's most famous band, with more than 1000 illustrations, is an extraordinary feast of superb photographs, original memorabilia, newspaper features and a detailed chronology. It includes more than 900 photographs from one of the finest collections of photographs of the Beatles in the world: the archives of the "Daily Mail" and "London Evening Standard". Many are seen here for the first time. They tell the story of the Beatles in chronological order. It also includes a detailed chronology covering the day-to-day lives of the Beatles including performances, record releases and tours. Running through the book is the story of the Beatles told by author Tim Hill who has written five best-selling books on the Beatles and had access to much new archive material.The Beatles made unprecedented media history through the 60s as they transcended pop icon status to influence a generation.
Included throughout the book are more than 100 newspaper articles and interviews, some facsimile and some transcribed, which give a first-hand flavour of Beatlemania including the fascinating facsimile of the newspaper that Lennon was reading when he wrote the iconic 'A Day in the Life' (I read the news today oh boy...). It includes more than 200 pieces of rare memorabilia are reproduced in original form throughout, giving a flavour of the 1960s.
* Some editions vary

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