Tuesday 7 June 2016

Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles' " Let It Be" Disaster by Doug Sulpy & Ray Schweighardt

Beatles experts Sulpy and Schweighardt have written a detailed chronology of the Let It Be sessions. Studying hundreds of hours of tapes originally filmed for a television special and later released as a movie, the authors provide a minute-by-minute account of the events from January 2 to January 31, 1969. 

They divide the rehearsals into songs/improvisations by day: A take of "I Me Mine," for example, becomes 8:39 as the 39th Beatle activity of January 8. The authors find embedded in the sessions familiar causes of the Beatles' breakup: John concentrating on Yoko Ono; George feeling a lack of respect from the others; Ringo bored and haggard; and an optimistic Paul seemingly the only Beatle interested in continuing the legacy of the group. 

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