Friday 17 June 2016

"Beatles" Live by Mark Lewisohn

There are Beatles books and Beatles books. This one is indispensable. Mark Lewisohn has made an enormous contribution to the history of British popular music with this volume. In compiling an accurate, detailed and entertaining record of every live Beatles and embryo Beatles performance, from the Quarry Men's audition for Carroll Levis on 9 June 1957 to the final concert in San Francisco just over nine years later, he has produced a document that illustrates the extraordinary pace, excitement and exhaustion of those years better than any ordinary biography or discography has yet done. 

The Beatles on record, film, television and videotape will always be with us-the Beatles as a live act can never be experienced again. And it is good news indeed that somebody of Lewisohn's integrity and intelligence has written a book like this before the facts, figures and first-hand memories of the world's greatest group of popular musicians on stage fade away.

Although some of the information in this book was later included in an updated version of "The Complete Beatles Chronicle", it still has many merits as a separate work. (originally came with free disc)

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