Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Beatles: The Days of their Lives by Richard Havers

With such coverage and interest in The Beatles, how can there be anything new to say about the band? This book manages to do so thanks to the remarkable collection of photographs housed in Mirropix, the library of the Daily Mirror, Britain's premiere popular daily. Mirrorpix has a sensational collection of material taken to feed an insatiable desire to see the band, its families, hangers on and what they did. Record launches, publicity events, holidays: everything was photographed and the best of best is presented here in this lavish and exceptional volume.
This book is the perfect gift for any music lover or fan of The Beatles, and contains a chronological narrative of all the major events of the 1960's. Each year is given a full spread to diagram each happening of the year, and each photograph is captioned and contextualized with an accurate explanation. The book was compiled by an author with a great pedigree in the music business and in music publishing, and combines exciting photographs with memorabilia and visual snapshots of The Beatles? life and career as Britain's Number 1 band. Anyone who lived through the 1960's remembers The Beatles and with digital remastering of their music, younger generations now know them well too. Their songs will continue to touch the hearts of readers forever.

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