Monday 6 June 2016

Now These Days Are Gone 'Help!' The Beatles Photography by Michael Peto

'The many rolls Peto shot of The Beatles relaxing during breaks in filming Help! in 1965 did not even make it to picture editors' desks. The world can now see what the newspapers missed... Now These Days Are Gone by Genesis Publications.' The Independent
When photojournalist Michael Peto died in 1970, he left the University of Dundee an incredible 130,000 prints and negatives. In 2004, while archiving the work, the University found an astonishing collection – hundreds of photographs taken during the making of The Beatles' second feature film, Help!
In 1965, Michael Peto had been working for The ObserverSunday newspaper – then the UK's most prestigious publication for photojournalists. His position ensured considerable access to The Beatles over the course of a year. This book presents his Beatles collection in full. Published exclusively, a leather-bound volume of nearly 300 rare photographs of the The Beatles.

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