Tuesday 14 June 2016

Rock 'N' Roll Times: The Style and Spirit of the Early Beatles and Their First Fans by Jurgen Vollmer

Gathers early photographs of the Beatles performing in Hamburg and includes portraits of French and German rockers of the early sixties. 

"J├╝rgen Vollmer, perhaps the least visible of the three Hamburg Exis, compacts his contribution to Beatles history between these covers. His photos (1961, second Hamburg visit) are more journalistic in style than those by Astrid Kirchherr. This was a direction he consciously aimed for. Interestingly, despite the "live" feel, they were nevertheless posed!

The oh so brief text starts in 1960 and tells of how he and his Exi friends risked scorn and drubbing to enter a Rocker's dive called the Kaiserkeller to listen to sounds fresh to their middle-class German ears. He recalls one uncomfortable tussle he had with Rockers who had no time for the British musicians on stage nor this small group of fans at the front table."

"The book is divided into two sections. The 1st being selected beatle and beatle related images. the 2nd is of numerous rockers in germany and france from 1961 and 1962. The beatle second has several of the common jurgen vollmer pictures but also includes rare pictures and alternates. to accompany the pictures in this section is jurgen's memories of meeting and befriending the lads. Now even though the book doesn't contain all of jurgen's images it does contain many that are rarely seen." 

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